We're serious about canine fitness and health. That’s why we develop custom exercise programs to meet the needs of people like you – caring dog owners who want to ensure their dog gets the daily exercise and attention he needs. Let It’s a Dog’s Life’s Canine Fitness Program become a bright spot in your dog’s day!

We believe each pet is unique. That’s why our comprehensive canine fitness program, intended for dogs of all breeds and ages, is tailored to suit each of our four legged customers. The program is customized for your dog and based on three key factors – the dog’s abilities, needs and personality.

Ready, Willing, & Able
We want to give your dog a healthy workout, relative to its abilities and needs. Does your dog:

  • Participate in agility competitions? We’ll tailor his workout to exercise those muscles which will make him more competitive.
  • Desperately want to win at Westminster? Her workout might include exercises designed to improve gait.
  • Dive off docks? Let us incorporate swimming into his regular fitness routine.
  • Need some TLC while rehabbing after surgery? We’ll use a low impact workout and incorporate massage to gently get her back in shape.

Our exercise services are perfect for overweight dogs, high-energy dogs, dogs that need more exercise or any dog who wants an active daily walk or run. If your dog is fit, a single session might consist of a five mile run. For dogs that have fallen off the fitness wagon, sessions will make use of interval training to slowly build endurance.

She’s Got Personality
All dogs crave mental and physical challenges but not all dogs crave the same challenges. Our workout activities are based on your dog’s personality and incorporate things she likes to do. If your dog enjoys long walks, she’ll love our hiking regime. Got a pup who likes to hog the ball? She’ll never get tired of playing fetch with us.

We continuously seek ways to keep your canine entertained, motivated and mentally stimulated. Every session will be a new challenge! Some of the activities we may incorporate into your dog’s workout are:

  • Strolls, power walks, or jogs
  • Swimming
  • Frisbees, balls, or other toys
  • Fun games such as dog tag, fetch, and tug-of-war
  • Treadmill

The Finish Line
After each session, your dog will be tired, satisfied and emotionally refreshed. Dogs who regularly exercise with us are noticeably fitter, healthier and better behaved than before enrolling in our program. You can rest assured that your pet is getting the proper amount of exercise and plenty of company while you’re away from home.

Let us tailor a canine fitness program to your dog today!

It's a Dog's Life helped our oveweight pup lose those unhealthy pounds and taught us how important exercise, proper nutrition, and teaching positive behavior can be. Our dog Buddy is a happy healthy member of the family now. Thanks It's a Dog's Life!!! --MELISSA GILBERT

Exercise & Fitness

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Each workout is led by a committed pet care specialist who uses innovative methods to keep your dog interested in daily exercise. All sessions begin with a warm-up walk and finish with a cool-down walk. We supply water, treats and waste bags.

Sessions are limited to two dogs and are available in durations of 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Longer workouts can be arranged.


Of the 171 million dogs and cats in the United States,1 50% are overweight or obese.2 Does your pet display one or more of these signs of obesity?

  • Ribs or spine not easily felt
  • Waist not easily seen
  • Sagging stomach or abdomen
  • Often appears tired and lazy
  • Resists playing games
  • Pants constantly
  • Needs help getting in the car
  • Barks without getting up
  • 1. 2009 US Pet Population (Source: American Pet Products Manufacturers Association)  

  • 2. 2009 Association for Pet Obesity Prevention - 2009 Pet Obesity Study  
It's a Dog's Life's fitness program is not meant to replace the other activities you currently enjoy with your pet. In order to reinforce bonding and leadership, it is essential for you continue to exercise and play with your dog.

It's a Dog's Life's canine fitness programs are supplemental programs designed to improve your dog’s behavior and enhance his overall health and fitness level. It's a Dog's Life's courses should not be considered as medical treatment and are not to be used as therapy after an accident or surgery. Have your dog checked by a veterinarian before beginning any physical program aimed at behavior modification, weight loss or rehabilitation.